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01 // Service


Our passion is to create brands, services and campaigns that enable a stable and successful relationship between companies and customers.


Strategy and insights are a forward-looking plan for your brand.

- Searches & Data
- Branding
- positioning
- Management Consulting
- Market launch
- innovation marketing
- search engine marketing


Content helps develop a unique plan for your brand.

- Text creation (PR, SEO, Web)
- logo creation
- social media
- printed matter
- translations
- Photo & video shooting
- Magazine creation


- Search Engine Optimization
- Brand protection
- content management system
- web hosting
- Cookie, Privacy, Imprint
- Firewall, virus protection
- Website maintenance, updates


We increase your brand awareness and strengthen your image.

- Press Conferences
- interviews
- Press releases
- Worldwide press trips
- Organization of exclusive events
- Reputation
- PR contacts

We help companies and brands to be successful online.

Passion and perfection

Modern and innovative approach to the development of digital and connected brands, services and
03 // Projects


News Consulting manages three of its own projects: A luxury magazine: Eat & Travel, a luxury guide: Luxury Service World and a Web3 portal: Web3 World.


With these projects, we address a sophisticated and exclusive target group interested in lifestyle and luxury, travel and culture, innovation and technology. We offer our readers and customers high-quality content, individual advice and exclusive offers that stand out from the crowd.

04 // Information


The digital world moves at a
a technical rhythm that will not
will not stop.

March 18, 2023
  • News Consulting
  • Posted by News Consulting

Web3 is a new Internet paradigm built on decentralized, blockchain-based technologies. Unlike today's Internet, which is based on centralized servers,...