Management Consultancy

Numerous experts have observed that a significant change in values is taking place with regard to luxury as we have known it until now.

Your business consulting for target- oriented solutions

The lasting change in the definition of luxury has above all something to do with today’s fast pace of life. Many branches of the luxury segment, such as the manufacturers of high-quality watches or luxury cars, but also providers of luxury travel and special art, now benefit from professional management consulting that not only brings companies and changed target groups together, but also knows about other modern problem solutions.

What is good management consultancy?

What tasks do we take on as good management consultants?

Typical consulting fields and consulting segments

Management consultancy as part of the advice process

The advantages of good management consultancy


What is good management consultancy?

“A management consultancy advises its clients, most of whom come from the business world, on a wide range of business issues. Especially in times of greater challenges, good consultancies help to find target-oriented solutions.”

As professional management consultants, we have specialised in the support of luxury hotels, luxury restaurants and other companies in the luxury segment.

  • Manufacturers of high-quality watches and jewelry
  • Artists and art dealers
  • Manufacturers of high-priced cars and yachts
  • Luxury real estate provider
  • Airlines, exclusive flight providers in the luxury segment
  • Provider of luxury cruises
Such specialisation requires not only extensive knowledge of the individual sectors but also a very good grasp of the issues and the ability to quickly familiarise oneself with new areas.

You can always expect these skills from us. However, we understand that truly good management consultancy is so much more than this. You will surely have heard of McKinsey, a major player in the field of management consulting.

Founded in 1926, McKinsey laid the foundation for today’s consulting services throughout the world. At that time, management consultants were more likely to provide support for production-related issues, help develop a target-oriented business organisation or assist in cost accounting and cost planning. Today, they design complex strategies & at the same time offer management, IT & marketing consulting services to help companies grow beyond themselves.

Our management consultancy also combines various fields of consultancy to provide your company with a comprehensive service. Thus, we not only advise you concerning your sales and improvement potential but also carry out meaningful Hotel Test and our Restaurant Test to put your personnel through their paces. This is the only way your company will succeed in the long term in getting demanding customers and, above all, in keeping them.

Our management consultancy appreciates luxury itself very much. For this reason, we also know what is important for the corresponding goods and services and their presentation and how to react correctly to new, modern demands. To help you master even the most difficult business challenges and get through any crisis well, we take on numerous tasks that directly benefit your company. But see for yourself!

What tasks do we take on as good management consultants?

Basically, the tasks we take on for you as a professional management consultancy are as varied and individual as your company itself. It depends primarily on the current situation and the desired target position, which determine which tasks are necessary to achieve the goals.

For this reason, we always enquire about the current problem situation in a first step, and in this way, initiate the so-called analysis phase. It includes, for example, the extensive analysis of…

  • Your company itself
  • Your customers or your target groups
  • Your competitors
  • The market
  • The environment

Subsequently, we get creative by designing the target situation together with you. For this purpose, we formulate goals for which we develop concepts, measures and solutions. Now we can implement the strategies and concepts with all the measures and processes that go with them. Depending on your objectives and wishes, we support you exclusively in an advisory capacity but also actively and with the selective assumption of entrepreneurial responsibility for implementation.

Our consultants come from all major fields of study and thus cover all eventualities in an optimal way.

  • Business Informatics and Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Business Mathematics and Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Law
  • Property Industry
  • Marketing
Overview of possible tasks that can be carried out by our management consultancy:
  • Preparation of comprehensive analyses and concepts, e.g., for operational optimisation
  • Assessment of the market and customer orientation or planning of the same
  • Development of goal-oriented business development concepts & strategies
  • Visualisation of potential turnover and improvement potentials
  • Advice on financing and funding models

Typical consulting fields and consulting segments

“There are no fixed categories in our profession. Rather, different consulting fields and consulting segments are served depending on the individual consultancy.”

Our management consultancy supports you, for example, with clear strategy consulting, professional organisation and process consulting and goal-oriented IT consulting. In addition, we offer you competent human resources consulting as well as consulting & support services in the consulting segments of:

  • Operational organisation
  • Finance and Risk
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Business transformation, Investigation & Disputes
  • Technology and Digital Technology, Employees and Change Management
As you can see, the range of our consulting services is very wide. This ensures that we can be of use to you in all relevant matters. This benefits you and your company equally.

As professional management consultants, we have many years of experience in controlling and finance. We are experts in cost and performance accounting. Furthermore, with our organisational consulting, we break down possibly ingrained structures in your company. We are also the right contact for human resources, project management and necessary rationalisation to ensure the success of your company.
A management consultancy only works well if you and we work together in a spirit of mutual collaboration. If you are looking to restructure your business or sell your company, we will be there for you just as competently as in times when your company is doing so well that you want to buy another company in addition.

Our advice also includes tax and contract law aspects. We support you holistically in all matters that are of immense importance for the growth of your company.

For this reason, we are also happy to advise you on suitable marketing measures, because today’s world changes many things that have been tried and tested. With our management consultancy you will always be up-to-date. Both you and your customers will benefit from this.

Management consultancy as part of the management advice process

In the area of management consulting, we mainly deal with problems within the management in your company. This can also include:
  • Change management
  • Supply chain management
  • Lean management
  • Marketing management

In management consulting, we develop group & competitive strategies tailored to your company, which should lead to the significant growth of your business. In addition, we implement value-adding business models, and, if required, we also take care of corresponding transactions, for example, in the areas of mergers or company takeovers.

However, our management consulting services also include organisational matters, such as our assistance with questions regarding
  • Necessary restructuring
  • Sensible cost reductions
  • Process optimisations
  • Organisational development
  • Management styles & leadership
  • Inheritance of corporate cultures
  • Human resources development & promotion of young talent

In addition, we offer you valuable assistance with topics such as logistics, productivity and efficiency increase, product and brand management. Management consulting has always been considered the supreme discipline of consulting. And that is no coincidence, since we cover a wide range of topics and set priorities that will significantly advance your company. Especially in the luxury segment, comprehensive, holistic management consulting is worth money. It is important to react in time to new directions and problems and at the same time not to lose sight of the growth of your company. Our view from the outside is very helpful here, as we can quickly identify and break up ingrained structures.

In addition, we know your industry very well and always keep ourselves up to date on all new developments. This means that we often know that action is needed when you are not yet feeling the effects. Especially in times of crisis, it is invaluable to be able to cushion negative developments with quick reactions and to order new fields that keep the growth of your company constant.

The advantages of good management consultancy

Management consultants are often only called in when things are not going as well as desired in a company or when a crisis has arisen that cannot be overcome on its own. They can also do a lot for the growth of a company in the run-up and especially in the long term.

One of the great advantages of management consultancy is that it can regularly check your company for the efficiency and future opportunities. As external consultants, we are not “operationally blind” but examine the current situation objectively & seriously. If this deviates significantly from the target situation, the appropriate measures can be initiated in good time to get your company back on track.

Since we have no emotional relationship with your company, you can rely on honesty and transparency.

We recognise exactly where work processes do not function optimally. In addition, we will also inform you bluntly if the costs for certain employees are too high or if the energy flow is negative in some departments. Numerous factors determine the success or failure of a company.

Our management consultancy knows them all and can counteract them with suitable strategies. Management consultants are problem solvers & this is exactly what you need, especially if you work in a luxury industry.

The Advantages at a Glance
  • You reduce your costs in the long term with good management consultancy.
  • You find out where your company currently stands.
  • Necessary improvements are implemented faster.
  • You safeguard important decisions.
  • You use the know-how & experience of long-standing management consultants.
  • You can exploit the potential of your company.
  • You receive valuable help in times of crisis.
  • You get an objective view from outside.
  • You receive valuable strategies &tips for significantly greater success.
  • You learn how your customers perceive your company. And much more…


Companies with a long, traditional history have equally long-established work processes. However, this also leaves ineffective structures in place, which can cost your company valuable growth.

Professional management consultants deploy your employees according to their competencies so that work processes are improved & the quality of your products & services increases. Our areas of responsibility are very diverse. With the right soft skills, such as creativity, communication skills & the ability to work in a team, we will succeed in leading your company to where you want it to be. In doing so, we always deal discreetly, openly and flexibly with all the problems we encounter at work.

With an analytical mind and business acumen, we analyse your company and develop highly effective strategies.

We see ourselves as equal partners, not as competitors for the departments we assess. Our open and neutral view helps you to transform negative structures into positive work processes. As professional problem solvers, we know exactly which concepts are particularly effective in your current situation and how to implement them quickly and effectively. In addition to classic managemen consulting, we also offer numerous modern consulting services and, in certain industries, we also carry out target-oriented tests, such as a Hotel Test or a Restaurant Test.

Test. In this way, you can find out how well looked after your customers feel by your company’s employees or what your employees should do better. There is always room for improvement, in every company. Do not call us only when you are in a crisis. Even in good times, let us check if you can improve a little bit more for your customers & for your company. We are here for you and your company! Please contact us!