Restaurant Test


A restaurant test, such as the one our Management Consultancy will carry out for you, could open your eyes.

You run a restaurant and are sure that you know all the strengths and weaknesses of your business? You are not alone in this.

But see for yourself!


1. What is a restaurant test?

The experienced employees of our management consultancy will focus their trained view on the processes in your company, the service orientation of your employees and analyse in which areas there is potential for improvement. This can include the friendliness of your staff, who might react irritably in stressful situations.
We evaluate the quality of your services, the range of food on offer and the overall impression. Depending on your objectives, we develop a catalogue of criteria together with you in a first step. Based on these criteria, we will now check your restaurant and your staff from the reservation to the invoicing.
With a restaurant test we take a look at your company from the perspective of your guests. We use various instruments for this purpose, which include a phone call to make a reservation and to visit your restaurant. Since we do not belong to your company, we can maintain a neutral view of your establishment.

2. What testing services does our consultancy offer?

Our restaurant testing services include:

  • The initial discussion with logging of the current situation
  • Analysis of your company
  • Extensive documentation during the discreet restaurant test
  • Comprehensible evaluation of all selected criteria
  • Comprehensible image material
  • Detailed justification of our assessments
  • Clear and feasible recommendations for action
  • Objective and constructive
  • Final report and final discussion
As a professional management consultancy, we also offer you additional services that support your company in achieving its goals and retaining customers in the long term.

3. Our additional services around gastronomy

  • If you are planning to open an upscale restaurant or an additional branch of your already successfully established company, we will be happy to assist you with our many years of experience.
  • We can offer you start-up coaching and support you in the run-up with a location analysis, a target group and competitor analysis and furthermore can help you to create a business plan.
  • On request, we can also develop gastronomy concepts tailored to your goals and take care of the marketing. With our professional management consultancy you will be on the road to success right from the start.
  • As we have been carrying out quality checks for hotels and restaurants worldwide for many years, you will benefit from our know-how in this area. Thanks to our tests, the quality of many hotels and restaurants has improved significantly with comparatively little effort.
  • Our discreet working method has proven itself. We will put your restaurant to the test without causing any trouble for the staff. As normal guests, who can also be a little more tricky to deal with, we find out whether your employees keep their nerve even in difficult situations. A very important point for upscale restaurants.

4. This is why you should order a restaurant test

Many restaurant owners are often somewhat operationally blind when it comes to the public image of their business. In addition, over the years a more or less pronounced bond with the staff has developed, so that service errors are no longer perceived as such.

At this point at the latest, a neutral observer should be called in to find out for you how your guests perceive your restaurant.

IIn hardly any other industry is the first impression as decisive as in the catering trade. Some guests turn around right at the entrance.

That something like this happens is certainly unlikely in restaurants like yours. Nevertheless, there will be opportunities for improvement that can take your business to a much higher level. Growth included. Even a small spelling mistake in the menu can severely disrupt the overall upscale feel.

There are numerous problem areas that are not important on their own, but which, taken together, can lead to dissatisfied customers. We identify these and work out solutions that have a timely effect. Especially in upscale restaurants it is very important to give the guest the feeling of being king. We help you to evoke this appreciative feeling in your customers.

If you need an honest, unbiased view of the service quality of your restaurant, you should come to us.

5. Your advantages with a professional restaurant test

The most important thing first: you have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.

Our experienced restaurant testers offer you an absolutely non-judgmental, neutral view of how your customers perceive your restaurant, how comfortable they feel in it and how satisfied they are with your range of food and drinks.

Your staff will not know that they are being tested. That is the purpose of these so-called mystery checks. After our test, however, you will have the opportunity to conduct feedback interviews with your staff. This alone can already noticeably increase the service quality.

Our recommendations for action are developed specifically to solve any existing problems. We make sure that they are easy to implement and are also measurably effective. If required, we will also be happy to train your staff so that they are even more guest-oriented.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Neutral appraisal and assessment of your restaurant
  • Professional monitoring of the defined quality criteria
  • Detailed evaluation with concrete recommendations for action
  • Chance of sales increases
  • Increased performance of your employees
  • Breaking up ingrained structures (operational blindness)
  • Promotion of customer and service-oriented action
  • Establishment of a guest-oriented way of thinking
  • Noticeable market advantages
  • Improved customer satisfaction and thus increased customer loyalty
  • Fast results
  • Help with the implementation of improvement measures

6. Conclusion

A restaurant test is not just worthwhile when the number of guests drops. Carried out regularly, it enables a reliable look at possible problem situations, which can then be reacted to quickly.

Since a professional test by our Management Consultancy incorporates know-how from the most diverse areas of the catering trade and business, you will not only receive constructive negative criticism, but also find out what is going well.

In the long term, you will increase your turnover, grow and retain your demanding customers. In addition, we will also provide you with effective support for upcoming start-ups or expansions.

Whether start-up coaching, location analysis or business plan preparation – our Management Consultancy are at your disposal for all eventualities.

Why not get in touch with us right away? We will be happy to advise you on your options.