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A Full service agency that also offers SEO consulting is a real asset for any company. This article will show you why you can profit from it considerably.

Become more visible with SEO consulting

A virtual company presence is important. Everybody knows that nowadays. Making the website visible to all potential customers can only be achieved with professional search engine optimisation.

What is SEO consulting?

Which tasks are involved in SEO consulting?

Which goals does SEO consulting pursue?

The most important pillars of SEO consulting

The advantages of SEO consulting


What is SEO consulting in our SEO Agency?

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The fact that the term SEO describes search engine optimisation, and that consulting is another word for “advice” should not be new to you. SEO consulting is much more than a simple consultation about suitable measures.

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In fact, this service includes numerous analyses & requires extensive, specialised knowledge to significantly increase visibility in popular search engines.

We would be happy to advise you. With our many years of experience, we offer you professional search engine consulting in our SEO Agency to help you achieve sustainable progress.

Which tasks are involved in seo consulting?

The tasks of an SEO consultant are extremely diverse. First and foremost, they advise companies in all areas of good search engine optimisation.

This includes, for example:

  • SEO OnPage
  • SEO OffPage
  • Technical SEO

The consultant must therefore have extensive knowledge in these areas, which is complemented by appropriate expertise in content marketing. Only in this way can they succeed in incorporating editorial search engine optimisation into the consulting process.

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SEO Agency

In addition, good SEO consulting also includes the analysis of the most diverse business fields. For this purpose, an SEO audit is carried out, which investigates the actual situation of your company and identifies the fields to be optimised.

As soon as the optimisation fields are determined, they are sorted according to certain criteria. This results in a cost-benefit calculation so that fields in which the costs far exceed the benefits are pushed all the way to the back, while fields in which the benefits clearly exceed the costs have priority.

The next task is to determine the SEO measures for each individual topic. This will provide you with a well-structured guideline, which also contains clear recommendations for action so that you can have the necessary adjustments carried out promptly.

As you can see, SEO consulting is not consulting in the conventional sense, but an extensive process that also requires some input from you. As an SEO agency, we have many years of experience, valuable know-how, and technical understanding.

Let us share in your company knowledge so that we can achieve your goals for success together. We will now take a closer look at what exactly these goals can be in the context of SEO consulting.

Which goals does seo consulting pursue?

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Consulting aims to significantly improving your company’s visibility in search engines and this in done in a sustainable and lasting way. With professional SEO consulting, as we offer it, you increase not only your visibility, but also your website traffic and – very importantly – the Return on Investment (ROI).

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The algorithms of the numerous search engines are becoming increasingly sophisticated and improved. Whereas in the past, – it was enough to use a certain keyword countless times in a text to get to the top of the list, today, it is no longer enough. Fortunately. Search engines are constantly evolving, and we are always there!

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By What Means

Nothing is worse than a website whose texts are hardly readable due to over-optimisation. Nowadays, Google and co. reward websites with high-quality, reader-friendly content. This is one reason why technical SEO measures alone are no longer enough. The editorial part is also very important and must be taken into account.

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SEO consulting with our SEO Agency always takes a holistic view of your company & helps you to hit the right notes for more success. It’s no use being listed in the top positions on Google if the search volume is not available and your potential customers don’t like to stay on your website for a long time.

In short: we make sure that your company is visible and potential customers feel comfortable on your website. Among other things, this increases your reputation and the chances of closing deals.

The most important pillars of seo consulting

In our SEO agency, we follow a goal-oriented roadmap that will lead your company step by step to success.
The kick-off meeting

At the kick-off meeting with our SEO agency, we collect all the important information about your company. We will mostly do this meeting virtually or in our SEO agency. You help us to develop the optimal SEO strategy for you within the scope of our SEO consulting. In this step, we not only look at your company but also your competitors. The goal is to oust them from their possibly better position and place your company at the top.

The Audit

During the audit, we examine your ACTUAL situation in detail on the basis of previously defined criteria in order to filter out the potential areas for optimisation. This is followed by a thorough SEO analysis, enabling us to provide you with clear recommendations for action. We take both editorial and technical expansion options into account so that a increase in visibility is achieved when implementing our recommendations for action.

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The keyword analysis

The following keyword analysis is an essential step, as it tells us very reliably under which keywords your website can be found at the moment & whether these keywords are really relevant for your target group. In addition, we check which keywords are particularly strong & whether your competitors use them as well. Then we analyse whether there are so-called chance keywords. These are all such keywords with a high search volume but have not been used by your competitors so far.

Your competitors also play a significant role in our SEO consulting. By analysing them, we find out which keywords they use and how successful they are in using them. And last but not least, we identify all keywords that enable us to bring your website to the top Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) very quickly.

The optimal SEO strategy

Based on all the information regarding your current situation, the competitors and the keyword analysis, we create an SEO strategy tailored to your company. In this strategy, we determine both the necessary measures and their sequence. We will, of course, monitor the current ranking positions after the implementation of the SEO measures. Thus, the results of our SEO consulting become directly measurable for you.

Professional support

Our professional support following all measures serves to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between all departments that are relevant to our recommended SEO measures & us. In this way, we ensure that your website actually ranks better with our recommendations & that the measures are implemented in an optimal way. If required, we can offer you appropriate training, workshops and telephone conferences at short notice.

In addition, we are happy to extend our SEO consulting with comprehensive SEO support. We are not only there to advise you but are also actively integrated into the implementation of the SEO measures. Thus, the chances of a prompt better ranking increase significantly since we usually have the experience that your employees are not likely to have due to their position.

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The advantages of seo consulting

With professional SEO consulting, you will reach your online marketing goals in a relatively short period of time. Our team consists of long-time SEO experts who always take the latest developments into account.
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We focus our consulting services exclusively on the individual needs of your company. You will not receive any “off the peg” consulting. Only in this way is it possible to achieve the best results.

You benefit from significantly higher visibility, a growing number of visits, an increase in potential customers and the resulting higher turnover.

In addition, the editorial content of your website will improve immensely so that visitors to your site are happy to stay. And last but not least, you will benefit from an improved reputation. SEO consulting is your path to a whole new perception.


If you are wondering whether you need SEO consulting at all, just look at the places you can be found in relevant search queries within Google and co. Think it could be better? Then get to know us. We will help you to use the search engines in a targeted way for your new customer acquisition.

“Companies that are open to SEO consulting will benefit in the long term. Convinced? Feel free to CONTACT our experienced SEO experts. We will get your company to an optimal ranking.”
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