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In this article, we show you why WordPress works. WordPress has become an indispensable tool for creating high-quality websites. What once began as open source on a small scale has now conquered almost the entire world.

What is WordPress?

Which tasks do our WordPress agency do?

The special extra: WooCommerce

Which goals does our WordPress agency pursue?

Your advantages with our Website design


What is wordpress?

Website Design

WordPress is a very powerful content management system, called CMS for short. With WordPress, it is possible to create simple responsive web- sites as well as to program extremely complex shop systems. Responsive means that blogs, websites and shops can be displayed correctly on any device. No matter whether you access the homepage with a laptop, mobile phone or another device. Interaction is so easy and possible from any place in the world.

Website Design

The advantages of WordPress are numerous. The flexibility, in particular, is to be emphasised. It is not a modular system, even if this is often assumed. It is software, which is permanently developed further by numerous developers worldwide. This makes it possible to create websites and online shops that fit the requirements of your company exactly. Integrated blogs, the core of WordPress, also allow you to communicate with your target group via extended interfaces.

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For many changes, such as those of an editorial nature, you also do not need any programming knowledge. This means that you can always make changes immediately and easily at any time of the day or night without having to wait for help. We train your employees regularly and pass on the new update and security information to you. You and your employees are thus free to pursue your business as you understand it – a real great advantage.

“Around 27% of existing websites are created using WordPress. But for companies, it is not just important to have a good website. They need a website that sells. For this reason, we support you with our WordPress agency.”

Which tasks do our WordPress agency do?

There are certain standard tasks that every WordPress agency should manage. These include, first and foremost, the design of the website itself, but also SEO Consulting and WordPress maintenance.

However, our WordPress agency is happy to do a little more. We develop high-quality solutions that are exclusively tailored to your company. Whether highly complex shops / small blogs for customer acquisition, or landing pages and forums, we know how to do it.

Let us give you a brief overview of our services:

  • Consulting
  • Determination of your goals and wishes
  • Concept and strategy
  • Design & layout incl. adaptation to your Corporate Identity (CI)
  • Programming (plugins, widgets, themes)
  • WordPress SEO
  • Security
  • Maintenance and Support
Website Design

The special extra: WooCommerce

WooCommerce is currently the most successful shop system worldwide. It has a market share of 40% and is based on the official WordPress Shop plugins. With it, we can realise highly professional and future-oriented online shops for your company.
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We bring all our experience in the areas of design, technology, SEO Consulting, PR Agency & conception to create a user-friendly online shop with short loading times and the highest security for you.

In addition, we equip your shop with additional functions, which we will gladly program exclusively for you. This way, your online shop will be unique and will clearly stand out from your competitors.

And if you have new ideas in between, that’s no problem either. Our WordPress agency can add new functions to your shop at any time.

As a professional WordPress agency, we take into account the legal regulations that apply in the countries to which your online shop is to sell from the very beginning. Whether the integration of legal notices, special button solutions or even a special form of price presentation – we design your company presence or your online shop to be legally compliant.

Basically, our tasks are based on your wishes. In any case, you will receive a turnkey product from us that meets your requirements and ensures a significant increase in turnover. A comprehensive consultation and an introduction to the self-administration of your webshop are a matter of course for us.

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Which goals does our wordpress agency pursue?


We would like to support your company in getting where you want to go. Our work with WordPress is based on many years of experience, technical know-how and the will to achieve great things. You will then benefit from the results.

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Our goal is to help you achieve your own business goals. A good web presence or an online shop is now a prerequisite for the success of any business. We implement this professionally and show you how to secure your new successes permanently.

Your advantages with our Website design

In order to make the advantages of our WordPress agency clear to you for your company, we would first like to introduce you to the advantages of WordPress itself. Here is a brief overview

You see, with WordPress, you have nothing to lose. But there is a lot to gain by hiring our WordPress agency. Since we know WordPress down to the smallest detail & can also program it ourselves, you will receive a website or online shop that is individually tailored to your company and your goals for lasting success & for stronger customer loyalty.

With the help of our SEO Agency, we can also quickly get your online shop or your new company presence high up in the search engines.

Last but not least, you can benefit from our staff training, which enables your company to independently update products, manage inventories or publish editorial content.

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“Short and sweet: with our WordPress agency, you have a reliable partner at your side.”


A presence on the Internet is becoming more and more important. A multitude of competitors makes professional internet presences and online shops indispensable.
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With a WordPress agency, you will kill several birds with one stone because you will not only get a website or a flourishing online shop adapted to your needs, but you will also have access to further know-how in the technical, editorial and SEO Consulting area.

As soon as everything is finished to your satisfaction, employees of your company can take over the independent support if desired. We offer intensive training for this purpose. Of course, we will still remain your contact person, for example, when it comes to maintenance. We can also implement new ideas for you at any time. You will always score highly with a site programmed by us. Our satisfied customers prove this every day anew.

“Please CONTACT us right away! We will be happy to advise you about your possibilities.”